I don’t know how I’m going to feel about Issues now that there’s drama before they even put out music. If this is just gonna be the same old WIM drama/bullshit I’m not even going to waste my time. I was so excited and had so much hope for this band and now its just… idk. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions but if Ben really did get kicked out, I won’t even know who to trust anymore. 

I’m under the impression Ben was kicked out because he was working too much. Didn’t have time to tour, play shows or really be a part of the band. its hard when some people wanna move forward with the band while others don’t prioritize it as number one. I’ve NEVER seen Ben talk about Issues even when he was in it. of course there has to be more to it.

Issues. fucking finally.


Get over yourself,we can see right through you.
We are the future like no one ever knew you.

I can’t wait to say whatever,
& I can’t wait to shed some light.
On every little thing you’ve broken,
And get on with my life”

about austin lol

ISSUES : black diamonds ep!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black Diamonds (ft. Scout)
King of Amarillo
The Worst of Them
Princeton Ave
Love, Sex, Riot (ft. Fronz)
Her Monologue

11/13/12 release date

AHHH WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO LOVE SEX RIOT?! Please don’t ruin it guys, it was awesome as a rock/r&b song. It was my favorite song tyler’s done solo.

Something About Me No One Knows

I sort of want to be on Broadway. I’m 100% straight, but there’s always super talented people in those shows. And it’d be nice to meet people that shared the same musical interest as me. As much as I love all of my friends, I really wish I had a best friend that I could really relate to. Singing is my true passion, no matter what genre, and it would be awesome to meet a friend who thought the same thing. Plus Broadway is like a gateway to move on to bigger things like a singing or acting career. Man I wish I got started earlier in life.

Were you ever bisexual, or curious at least? I've heard many rumors.

never in my entire life, and never will.